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Steve Jobs and James Murdoch ebooks negotiation

Steve Jobs negotiating with Harper Collins over pricing for ebooks. He waits until James Murdoch understands he has to compromise then very starkly outlines the alternative to not having books available on the iPad. What’s interesting about this is that Amazon were selling books for $10 and paying Harper Collins $13. They were so desperate to get out ahead of Apple and other competitors that they were loosing money on every book and probably every Kindle sold as well – Apple went in making a good margin on books and on iPads.

Link: Steve Jobs and James Murdoch ebooks negotiation

Good collection of free white noise sound files. White noise is a combination of all audible frequencies, distributed equally over the spectrum. I find it useful for concentrating on reading when the surrounding environment is noisy. It’s also useful for tinnitus.


Dodgson Wood Campsite

Beautiful isolated campsite on the quiet eastern side of Consiton Water in the Lake District. You have to hire the whole site but it can accommodate up to 40 people. It doesn’t have much in the way of facilities (no showers or drinking water) but if you’re after a secluded active weekend it’s hard to beat. It’s also a great place to walk into Grizedale Forest from or explore the lake where you can visit Peel Island, the inspiration behind Wild Cat Island from Swallows & Amazons.

Link: Dodgson Wood Campsite