Monthly Archives: June 2013

This is a web page

The power of web is the power of words. It can be easy to forget that in the age of web apps as complicated as gmail. The other essential aspect of the web are links, not from search engines but from one piece of work to another.

Links from words to words.

Link: This is a web page

ViewDNS tools

A very handy set of tools for testing websites and domain names. In particular the tools to find out if a website is accessible within China or Iran are very handy.

Link: ViewDNS tools

Night + Day

Mini festival organised by, and headlined by, The XX. Solange and London Grammar are playing. At Hatfield House just outside London this Saturday.

Link: Night + Day

CrossLoop screen sharing

Very simple application that generates a code and allows you to use it to share your screen quickly across PC and Mac with someone else using the app. It’s free and works well whatever your firewall setup is. The PC version has an annoying account setup prompt but you can just click Later. A much better alternative to the expensive Go To Meeting.

Link: CrossLoop screen sharing