Monthly Archives: July 2013

Lima, London

Really wonderful Peruvian restaurant with spectacular looking dishes that taste as good as they look. London seems to have acquired a lot of ceviche joints recently and this place is as good as any of them for lovers of tiger’s milk (not the Belle & Sebastian variety).

Link: Lima, London

The Act of Killing

Very interesting, if hard to watch, documentary about the deaths of over a million Indonesians accused of being communists in the 60s and 70s after the military coup in 1965. The film maker asks of a few of the gangsters at the heart of the killing to talk about and recreate the deaths. They move from light-hearted, jovial recollections of murder and rape to a recognition and some understanding of what they did and how the world will view it.

The credit sequence is quite breathtaking and I’d be very interested to know how it has played in Indonesia, the film implies the government is still strongly linked to the gangsters today.

Link: The Act of Killing