Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Actor

A picture by Utagawa Kuniyoshi a great Japanese master of ukiyo-e. It’s on Magic Transistor’s tumblr which is a fantastic source of interesting art, not to mention their main sites great radio station.

Link: The Actor

The College-Loans Scandal

Matt Taibbi on how the student loans bubble became the worst example of government-corporation collusion for a long time and how it threatens to burst and bring down the economy in a worse way than the sub prime collapse.

The UK has recently adopted the American system and is going about it in an even more reckless manner with students capable of having more than £80,000 of debt 10 years after they graduate – and that’s with record low interest rates.

Link: The College-Loans Scandal

Geffrye Museum

Lovely museum of the English domestic interior in Hoxton. As well as permanent galleries showcasing the English home it has rotating exhibitions and a lovely herb garden. The gardens in front of the museum are a great green space for when it’s sunny in London. Free entry.

Link: Geffrye Museum

Lean Domain Search

A very basic but useful tool to search for .com domain names. Takes a word you want to include and looks for combinations with other common words that are free. Once you’ve found a great domain register it with – they’re a much better registrar than most and won’t try and sell you a whole host of things you don’t need.

Link: Lean Domain Search