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Vanilla Black

Vanilla Black is a great vegetarian restaurant in central London. The food is extremely inventive with a fantastic pea and Marmite dumpling soup being far more subtle than the name suggests but very rich and satisfying. All of the flavours are subtle and cleverly combined for some of the best vegetarian cooking I’ve tried.

Link: Vanilla Black

Google SEO starter guide

SEO, search engine optimization, is the art of improving your website so that search engines will put it higher on their results. This straightforward guide comes Google, from the horse’s mouth, and is very simple to follow. There is a lot of voodoo in SEO and this guide allows you to cut through that and understand what really matters about your site.

Link: Google SEO starter guide [PDF]

Terminal Cornucopia

This is a site explaining how you can make weapons with items you can buy after security screenings. All of them have been reported to the TSA. The thing that most dismays me about this site is that a friend asked me not to look at it on his computer in case the TSA refused him entry to the USA the next time he went there because of it.

It only takes a few minutes to find ways to create these weapons or cause chaos before the security screening – almost as if there are hardly any terrorists trying to perform attacks on us.

Link: Terminal Cornucopia


Kata are choreographed movements conducted individually or in pairs. They’re most associated with martial arts but occur in the tea ceremony and are a strong part of awareness of the current moment in moving meditation. Interestingly they were developed to allow groups to work together in a coordinated fashion instead of acting in a disorderly individualistic manner.

Link: Kata

UX and the Civilizing Process – Ribbonfarm

Ribbonfarm is a fascinating blog to follow about thinking about how we look at the world and how we can change that view. This guest article thinks about user interfaces as a set of manners, a way of civilising the relationship between the computer and the user. His points on the difference in manners between backwoods and frontiers are very widely applicable and a good way of thinking about where you should aim your user interface.

Link: UX and the Civilizing Process – Ribbonfarm