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A great app for leaning the Japanese alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. It’s free and very full featured with regular updates by a committed author so consider a donation if it works for you. Thanks to him I can now write the name of the app in Hiragana: おべんきょ

Link: Obenkyo

Lean Domain Search

A very basic but useful tool to search for .com domain names. Takes a word you want to include and looks for combinations with other common words that are free. Once you’ve found a great domain register it with – they’re a much better registrar than most and won’t try and sell you a whole host of things you don’t need.

Link: Lean Domain Search


OsmAnd is a fantastic offline maps app for Android. Carry all your maps around with you using the great Open Street Maps project data. It includes basic navigation capabilities and there’s a plugin for contour data. You can buy the OsmAnd+ version if you want to support this open source project.

Link: OsmAnd on Google Play


Prezi is a presentation application that lives on the web. Your presentation lives on a large canvas which you pan and zoom around to display your ideas within a larger backdrop. It’s a clever idea that does something more interesting than the standard Powerpoint on the web.

Link: Prezi


Doodle is an easy to use and quick web app to allow you to schedule a date for an event from a range of options. Make your poll and email a link to the people taking part. No registration, no fuss. It’s evolved over the years from a very basic looking service to a beautiful looking app with lots of extras but it retains the pure core of the original.

Link: Doodle


This nicely written web app takes advantage of the fact that a good percentage of the world’s music is on YouTube. Instead of navigating through the junky Google interface, dominated by the right hand wall of death and cats, you can just use this to simply listen to the music you want to hear.

The favicon as a pie chart to show you how far through the current track you are is nice as well.

Link: Traqlist