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Usability testing for the 1995 Sun Microsystems Website

An interesting look at how the developers of an early large website went about creating a design. They used a few techniques still in use today: paper prototyping – printing static version of a site and asking users to look at and point at the printout and say what they thought they could click on and what they expected to see – and card sorting, where users are asked to sort cards with concepts written on them into similar groups to help drive the creation of a navigation tree.

Link: Usability testing for the 1995 Sun Microsystems Website

National Trust – Nature’s Playground

A campaign for the National Trust in the east of England these signs take the usual prohibitions you find in well maintained beauty spots and invert their meaning.

I’ve also seen very negative messages on National Trust signs around the UK – using positive, informative messages that appeal to people to act as civilly as their peers seems a much better approach. Tell me why I should do something and how other people are helping instead of just writing alarming warnings.

Link: National Trust – Nature’s Playground