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Google SEO starter guide

SEO, search engine optimization, is the art of improving your website so that search engines will put it higher on their results. This straightforward guide comes Google, from the horse’s mouth, and is very simple to follow. There is a lot of voodoo in SEO and this guide allows you to cut through that and understand what really matters about your site.

Link: Google SEO starter guide [PDF]

UX and the Civilizing Process – Ribbonfarm

Ribbonfarm is a fascinating blog to follow about thinking about how we look at the world and how we can change that view. This guest article thinks about user interfaces as a set of manners, a way of civilising the relationship between the computer and the user. His points on the difference in manners between backwoods and frontiers are very widely applicable and a good way of thinking about where you should aim your user interface.

Link: UX and the Civilizing Process – Ribbonfarm

About Face 3

This book really changed the way I think about specification and design. If you’re designing an app or a website, or are involved in asking for changes it’s a fantastic book to read packed full of insights.

Link: About Face 3

Airplay your house

I’ve wanted to be able to play music and video from any device on to speakers and TVs anywhere in my house for a while. Using Apple’s airplay kind of works – letting me share some movies and music from my laptop to my Raspberry Pi media centre. Everything similar to this, like Sonos or Google’s solution, is so propitiatory. Again and again manufacturers fail to see if they create a shared, open solution so every device can interoperate then they would make so much more money.

Link: Airplay your house

Lean Domain Search

A very basic but useful tool to search for .com domain names. Takes a word you want to include and looks for combinations with other common words that are free. Once you’ve found a great domain register it with – they’re a much better registrar than most and won’t try and sell you a whole host of things you don’t need.

Link: Lean Domain Search