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Know Your Meme – Black MIDI

Black MIDI is a type of music simulating pieces of piano music where hundreds of notes are played together at once. This kind of impossible music has quite a long history. It isn’t that pretty but there is something quite memorising about it.

The Know Your Meme site is great for finding about the origins of almost any odd thing you come across on the internet.

Link: Know Your Meme – Black MIDI

Half Bakery

A social website devoted to coming up with (mostly useless, sometimes genius, occasionally both) ideas. I love the long curve web of small websites (by the scale of Yahoo or Google) where there are complete social ecosystems thriving. Speaking of which a single-user social network sounds like my idea of perfection.

Link: Half Bakery

What’s going on when I push my belly out?

Ask Science is a joy, it’s a place you can go and ask scientists anything and get well written answers with sources. It’s part of reddit which is generally a cesspit but Ask Science is carefully curated with throwaway comments, jokes and unsourced answers deleted. I like the way this simple answer quickly develops into a more complicated question about how breathing works.

Link: What’s going on when I push my belly out?


Anki is a really great flashcard timed repetition learning system that runs on your computer, on the web and on your phone. There are thousands of sets of shared flashcards or you can easily create your own. Great for learning a language.

Link: Anki