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ScummVM is an app that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and several types of phone and allows you to play classic point-and-click adventure games. It’s free to download and you get some games, including Beneath A Steel Sky, for free from the same site. If you have a copy of Monkey Island, Sam & Max or other classic games you can play those again on modern computers using ScummVM.

Link: ScummVM

The Chameleon

Frédéric Bourdin is an imposter who has pretended to be many different children in order to get affection and to escape his real identity.

If you haven’t seen see it before you read this excellent New Yorker article. The access the director, Bart Layton, got – not only to Bourdin, but also the family of a missing kid who took him in – is breathtaking.

Link: The Chameleon


Beautifully touching and funny film about a New Zealand kid called Boy whose father comes home from prison. Boy has to reconcile his perfect image of his dad with the bumbling fool who turns up.

I struggle to understand how a director of a low budget film like this can find an amazing actor like James Rolleston and get such a good performance from him and yet Hollywood films are still stuffed with children who act as through they’re reading from autocues.

Link: Boy

Scott and Scurvy

Scurvy was defeated in 1747 when James Lind discovered that citrus fruit prevented it but by the time of Scott’s second Antarctic expedition at the start of the 20th century this discovery was lost – as a result many people on the expedition contracted it.

Maciej Cegłowski explores how well tested science was thrown out to be replaced by a more fashionable theory that resulted in many people contracting a disease unnecessarily.

Link: Scott and Scurvy