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The History of Aspect Ratio

A video on why cinema started with a 4:3 ratio, squashed up a little to fit a soundtrack and create Academy Ratio, went widescreen in many different competing ratios during the 50s and then compromised on 16:9 for digital and HD TV broadcasts.

Many computer monitors are 16:10 and I’d be interested to hear if anyone knows the reason why that ratio was chosen when computer monitors were moving away from 4:3.

Link: The History of Aspect Ratio

Lorem Ipsum translated by Google Translate

Translating the standard copy filler text from Latin to English produces interesting results. It works this way because Google looks for similar text so when the filler text is replaced by real copy on another language version of a site the very odd translation ends up Google’s statistical database.

Important to know that “funny lions are always feasible”.

Via: Lemieux on Hacker News

Link: Lorem Ipsum translated by Google Translate

Groove Salad from SomaFM

SomaFM serve up a series of music only streaming radio stations. Groove Salad is my favourite for working. When I’m getting into a flow state listening to radio stations with DJs talking starts to get too distracting so some relaxed electronica is the perfect background.

Link: Groove Salad from SomaFM