Monthly Archives: July 2013


Prezi is a presentation application that lives on the web. Your presentation lives on a large canvas which you pan and zoom around to display your ideas within a larger backdrop. It’s a clever idea that does something more interesting than the standard Powerpoint on the web.

Link: Prezi


Doodle is an easy to use and quick web app to allow you to schedule a date for an event from a range of options. Make your poll and email a link to the people taking part. No registration, no fuss. It’s evolved over the years from a very basic looking service to a beautiful looking app with lots of extras but it retains the pure core of the original.

Link: Doodle

Honey & Co

Honey & Co is a beautiful little gem of a restaurant just round the corner from the BT tower in Fitzrovia. The chefs are a husband and wife team, she previously worked at Ottolenghi and the food is described as middle eastern. The service and food are fun and spectacular respectively. It’s a real treat. The main problem I have is that is every time I go I don’t leave enough room for the fantastic cakes, I’ll have to start going to pick some up at lunch.

Link: Honey & Co.


This nicely written web app takes advantage of the fact that a good percentage of the world’s music is on YouTube. Instead of navigating through the junky Google interface, dominated by the right hand wall of death and cats, you can just use this to simply listen to the music you want to hear.

The favicon as a pie chart to show you how far through the current track you are is nice as well.

Link: Traqlist

Amy Mather – Game of Life in Python on a Raspberry Pi

A video of a presentation by a 13 year old to the Raspberry Jamboree 2013 in Manchester, UK. It’s really inspiring to see the Raspberry PI is really working by helping kids to learn about how to program. As Amy says: “I wanted to know how it worked and how I could get it to do what I want it to do instead of what the people who are working for Apple or Android want it to do”.

I vividly remember when, aged 7, I wrote my first program which drew a white line on a magenta background; that was all it took – I was hooked.

Link: Amy Mather – Game of Life in Python on a Raspberry Pi