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Fantastic app store like list of open source applications for Android. Android has pretty sloppy privacy protection compared to iOS, you can help ensure your data isn’t being copied by using open source apps and services where they are available.

Link: F-Droid

Geocaching – Reflections of Neal’s Yard

Geocaching is the very geeky, but thanks to smartphones pretty accessible, game of finding small containers by their GPS coordinates. The site is a big repository of these caches and this one in London is typical. Follow the coordinates and clues to the cache and then write in the book and maybe leave something small to let others know you’ve found it. I promise it’s more fun than it sounds and a nice way to find hidden parts of new places when you’re travelling.

Link: Geocaching – Reflections of Neal’s Yard


I’m not sure if there’s any scientific validity to this app but then a few days ago I was saying that people value their experiences more than science and that’s true for me and this app. It adjusts the colour of your computer screen according to the time of day so the screen warms at night – simple and very well written.

Link: f.lux


Anki is a really great flashcard timed repetition learning system that runs on your computer, on the web and on your phone. There are thousands of sets of shared flashcards or you can easily create your own. Great for learning a language.

Link: Anki

0 A.D.

0 A.D. is a great free, open-source game set in the imaginary year of 0 A.D. where many of antiquities greatest powers were at their zeniths. They’re running an indiegogo campaign at the moment to really expand the gameplay but it’s a really fun game even now.

Link: 0 A.D.

Check My Trip

Check My Trip is a website that lets you enter any Amadeus reservation number to see details of flights in a nice easy to use format. They revised the website and made it a bit more difficult to use recently – you can’t make links to bookings to pass to family and friends any more – but it’s still handy to know about. Many airlines, booking agents and hotels use Amadeus to organise their bookings. If you have a 6 character booking reference then it’s probably an Amadeus PNR which you can use in Check My Trip.

Link: Check My Trip