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A Year In Japan

Absolute gem of a book on Japan. It’s one woman’s summary of her year living in Kyoto through drawings and short pieces of text. It’s a really interesting, obviously very subjective view into Japanese life but is the kind of thing you just can’t get from guidebooks or books trying to be objective about the culture of a city.

Link: A Year In Japan

Daily Drop Cap

A blog of illustrative initial capitals posted daily over a two year period. I love the web of ‘capsule’ archived blogs that are no longer updated but contain great gems of pages within them.

Link: Daily Drop Cap

The Actor

A picture by Utagawa Kuniyoshi a great Japanese master of ukiyo-e. It’s on Magic Transistor’s tumblr which is a fantastic source of interesting art, not to mention their main sites great radio station.

Link: The Actor

XKCD – Time

The brilliant Randall Munrow, of XKCD fame, has finished his epic 3000+ frame artwork Time. Geekwagon have collected all the frames so you can watch it by pressing play on the link below with pauses at significant frames. It’s a curious and moving piece.

Link: XKCD – Time