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David Hoyle – Heavenly Voices

David Hoyle is back at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern this Thursday for another run of hectic performances. He’s going to be singing a lot which is great news if his Soho Theatre show with Richard Thomas, or his incredible version of Hallelujah with Dusty Limits, is anything to go by. He’s never quite topped 2007’s Magazine but he still rules London for a crazy, fun night out with a hint of danger.

Link: David Hoyle – Heavenly Voices

Sam Simmons

His new show Shitty Trivia is running at the Soho Theatre at the moment. The show involves lots of tech with pretty precise timing by the look of things. That all went out of the window last night when James, the guy he got on stage, decided not to answer any questions, to wrestle with Sam, pull his microphone off, throw props around and drag him off the stage. Sam handled it brilliantly getting James to straddle him and repeatedly putting him back in his seat. It probably wasn’t as good as the real show as a lot of the storyline got lost but it was a pretty special evening.

Link: Sam Simmons

Pathetic Geek Stories

A pathos and laughter heavy comic strip by Maria Schneider that I feel ran since the internet started (although the first archives on the site are from 2003) and finished at the end of 2008.

This particular strip reminds me of starting work at Barclays inputting bad debts. After a good first morning of touch typing and significantly reducing the team’s backlog I went for lunch. A workmate came over to introduce herself and then said “Listen, speedy, you’re making everyone look bad – if you don’t slow down I’m going to break your fingers.”

Link: Pathetic Geek Stories

Lorem Ipsum translated by Google Translate

Translating the standard copy filler text from Latin to English produces interesting results. It works this way because Google looks for similar text so when the filler text is replaced by real copy on another language version of a site the very odd translation ends up Google’s statistical database.

Important to know that “funny lions are always feasible”.

Via: Lemieux on Hacker News

Link: Lorem Ipsum translated by Google Translate