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XKCD – Time

The brilliant Randall Munrow, of XKCD fame, has finished his epic 3000+ frame artwork Time. Geekwagon have collected all the frames so you can watch it by pressing play on the link below with pauses at significant frames. It’s a curious and moving piece.

Link: XKCD – Time

Pathetic Geek Stories

A pathos and laughter heavy comic strip by Maria Schneider that I feel ran since the internet started (although the first archives on the site are from 2003) and finished at the end of 2008.

This particular strip reminds me of starting work at Barclays inputting bad debts. After a good first morning of touch typing and significantly reducing the team’s backlog I went for lunch. A workmate came over to introduce herself and then said “Listen, speedy, you’re making everyone look bad – if you don’t slow down I’m going to break your fingers.”

Link: Pathetic Geek Stories