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What the Fluck?

This is a fantastic article about the failure of the media, phone hacking, banking crisis, income inequality and the spy agency surveillance society. Instead of being written as a one page news article expressing outrage it builds a narrative, along with some fascinating diversions, to allow your mind to put the elements of the story together.

Save it for when you have some time and concentration, it’s really worth reading a few times.

Link: What the Fluck?

Cheaper to rent in Barcelona and commute to London

This is not about why you should start┬ácommuting to London from Barcelona – it is just pointing out how ridiculous London property prices have got. After the Great Recession first world property prices started falling back but London’s have reached their previous peak and are on the way higher thanks to reinflationary government policy and record low interest rates. Unless there is about to be a massive wage surge they must fall, in one way or another, but when is much harder to predict.

Link: Cheaper to rent in Barcelona and commute to London