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Betting against London is tempting but no sure thing

Great article by Tim Harford about how to short the housing bubble in London. There certainly is a bubble and when interest rates go up there will be problems but predicting when and how dramatically things will fall is impossible and will almost certainly burn people trying to short companies with large London property portfolios. The article is a great overview of the market, common fallacies, and how a deflation of the bubble might play out.

Link: Betting against London is tempting but no sure thing

Vanilla Black

Vanilla Black is a great vegetarian restaurant in central London. The food is extremely inventive with a fantastic pea and Marmite dumpling soup being far more subtle than the name suggests but very rich and satisfying. All of the flavours are subtle and cleverly combined for some of the best vegetarian cooking I’ve tried.

Link: Vanilla Black

Pieds Nus

Great popup in the tiny place where Roganic was. The food is simple and single ingredient focused sharing plates. I thought it was fantastic and unlike a lot of recent popups was very well organised with really friendly responsive service.

Link: Pieds Nus