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Want a very simple indie radio streaming service that learns as you listen and doesn’t require your details before it lets you stream great music: try Mixest. The ‘more obscure’ button will satisfy many music geeks.

Link: Mixest

Ane Brun

She’s been around for a while but a friend introduced me to her and a few weeks after hearing it I found I still had her voice in my head.

Link: Ane Brun

Han Unification

I feel like London Grammar are being very heavily hyped and managed but I can’t help loving every song they release.  It’s the unbeatable combination of incredible vocals from the lead singer, incredible hair from the keyboardist and competence from the lead guitarist.

Link: London Grammar – Nightcall

The XX – Intro (10 hour seamless mix)

Wonderful background music for when you’re concentrating but need something to keep your brain ticking over. Though it’s a great start to the album I actually prefer the first two tracks from Coexist. Angels and Chained are such a beautiful juxtaposition it always makes my skin shiver when I hear them. Especially the line at the start of Chained after the pure love song that is Angels:

I watched you breathe in…

and I wished you’d stop

Link: The XX – Intro (10 hour seamless mix)

Know Your Meme – Black MIDI

Black MIDI is a type of music simulating pieces of piano music where hundreds of notes are played together at once. This kind of impossible music has quite a long history. It isn’t that pretty but there is something quite memorising about it.

The Know Your Meme site is great for finding about the origins of almost any odd thing you come across on the internet.

Link: Know Your Meme – Black MIDI