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How to choose the perfect whisky for Christmas

Single malt whisky is are a massive waste of money, like expensive alcohol of any variety. Despite that I’ve loved them since a fantastic barman in Motel, Wellington, New Zealand introduced me to Talisker over a decade ago. Springbank is my current favourite but I’ve found maps like the one in this article quite useful for finding others that I might like to try.

Link: How to choose the perfect whisky for Christmas

Amped Wireless High Power Routers

I live in a tiny flat but because it’s made of concrete and steel a standard wifi router struggles to stretch from the phone socket to where I use my laptop. Amped are routers built to make the signal stronger. There really need to be laxer regulations to allow more power and more bandwidth allocated to wifi to allow it to reach further but until then Amped are a good solutions.

Link: Amped Wireless High Power Routers

Headphone Buying Guide

I only buy cheap headphones but this guide helps ensure they’re cheap headphones that work well with options at every price level and style. The best advise is:

avoid products made by Skullcandy, Bose, Beats, or Monster unless otherwise specified in this thread

Link: Headphone Buying Guide