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Fantastic app store like list of open source applications for Android. Android has pretty sloppy privacy protection compared to iOS, you can help ensure your data isn’t being copied by using open source apps and services where they are available.

Link: F-Droid

Amped Wireless High Power Routers

I live in a tiny flat but because it’s made of concrete and steel a standard wifi router struggles to stretch from the phone socket to where I use my laptop. Amped are routers built to make the signal stronger. There really need to be laxer regulations to allow more power and more bandwidth allocated to wifi to allow it to reach further but until then Amped are a good solutions.

Link: Amped Wireless High Power Routers


If you read the Phil Zimmermann article and wanted to know how to start using encryption then attending a crypto party is a good start. They’re open, free sessions where you can take your laptop and learn how to get started with encryption. They happen all over the world and keeps a list of upcoming ones.

Link: CryptoParty

Why I Wrote PGP

Email encryption has been around for decades but it’s still very rarely used. If the Pakistan secret services see people using encryption software then they go and torture them as they must have something to hide even if that’s something as innocent (in the west) as converting to Christianity. Phil Zimmermann answers the eternal question perfectly here:

If you really are a law-abiding citizen with nothing to hide, then why don’t you always send your paper mail on postcards? … no one draws suspicion by asserting their privacy with an envelope. There’s safety in numbers. Analogously, it would be nice if everyone routinely used encryption for all their email, innocent or not, so that no one drew suspicion by asserting their email privacy with encryption. Think of it as a form of solidarity.

Link: Why I Wrote PGP