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I saw Andrew Steele talk about Scienceogram at Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People a few days ago. The UK government spends less than 1.5% of their budget on R&D, find out how that compares to other spending, why it should be more and what we could do if we spent a bit more at their site.

Link: Scienceogram

What the Fluck?

This is a fantastic article about the failure of the media, phone hacking, banking crisis, income inequality and the spy agency surveillance society. Instead of being written as a one page news article expressing outrage it builds a narrative, along with some fascinating diversions, to allow your mind to put the elements of the story together.

Save it for when you have some time and concentration, it’s really worth reading a few times.

Link: What the Fluck?

Han Unification

I feel like London Grammar are being very heavily hyped and managed but I can’t help loving every song they release.  It’s the unbeatable combination of incredible vocals from the lead singer, incredible hair from the keyboardist and competence from the lead guitarist.

Link: London Grammar – Nightcall

Terminal Cornucopia

This is a site explaining how you can make weapons with items you can buy after security screenings. All of them have been reported to the TSA. The thing that most dismays me about this site is that a friend asked me not to look at it on his computer in case the TSA refused him entry to the USA the next time he went there because of it.

It only takes a few minutes to find ways to create these weapons or cause chaos before the security screening – almost as if there are hardly any terrorists trying to perform attacks on us.

Link: Terminal Cornucopia

The XX – Intro (10 hour seamless mix)

Wonderful background music for when you’re concentrating but need something to keep your brain ticking over. Though it’s a great start to the album I actually prefer the first two tracks from Coexist. Angels and Chained are such a beautiful juxtaposition it always makes my skin shiver when I hear them. Especially the line at the start of Chained after the pure love song that is Angels:

I watched you breathe in…

and I wished you’d stop

Link: The XX – Intro (10 hour seamless mix)