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Fantastic app store like list of open source applications for Android. Android has pretty sloppy privacy protection compared to iOS, you can help ensure your data isn’t being copied by using open source apps and services where they are available.

Link: F-Droid

Geocaching – Reflections of Neal’s Yard

Geocaching is the very geeky, but thanks to smartphones pretty accessible, game of finding small containers by their GPS coordinates. The site is a big repository of these caches and this one in London is typical. Follow the coordinates and clues to the cache and then write in the book and maybe leave something small to let others know you’ve found it. I promise it’s more fun than it sounds and a nice way to find hidden parts of new places when you’re travelling.

Link: Geocaching – Reflections of Neal’s Yard

Table manners – should you finish everything on your plate?

How much you should eat of any meal has a lot of cultural and regional variation. I was always taught to eat everything on my plate which doesn’t work very well when you go to North America and are served enough food for a small family on one plate.

Metafilter is a great site for discussions like this. The small fee to join requires you to think about what you say and prevents floods of spam or abusive comments without going down the unthinking and brutual real names policy of things like Google+’s and Facebook.

Link: Table manners – should you finish everything on your plate?